the complex.

Content strategy + creative production for cutting-edge industries.

Complex tech doesn’t have to be confusing.

Ockham Creative is a boutique content strategy and creative production agency helping technology, medtech, and solutions-oriented organizations explain their innovations with elegance and simplicity. Founded by Melissa Boss, a creative director, strategist, writer, and designer with over 20 years experience, Ockham Creative helps clients across the globe create world-class marketing and educational content. Find out how we can help you!

What We Do

We create ‘wow’ campaigns.

We specialize in marketing and educational content for for tech, medtech, and solutions-oriented companies.

Your work is the culmination of years of research and thoughtful engineering, designed to improve numerous lives. For us, it is a privilege to help bring awareness of your innovations into the world, and a task we take very seriously. We work to understand the background and breadth of your offerings and the impact they will have. Then we create messaging and content that projects the right tone to inspire your audience and have a lasting impression.

Brass tacks skillsets:

Market Research

Strategic Planning

Campaign Concepting

Creative Direction


Graphic Design

Digital Development

Social Media

Video Direction


Photography Direction

Exceeding Expectations

How We Do It

We make this easy on you.

We’re nimble, collaborative, and highly focused.

In tech, we know that timelines are short and priorities shift. Because we work with a select group of clients, we’re able to provide concierge-level creative services to bring high quality campaigns to life on a short time frame. Our workflow for all projects follows our 3C method:


Here’s where we get to know you.
You are the expert in your product or service, and we want to learn all we can from you. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business, challenges, goals, and the specific market you’re participating in.


Here’s where the pen meets the paper.
We carefully craft messaging, tone, and preliminary visuals to formulate the basis of your campaign. And we’ll help you decide on the right communication channels to get your message to the right people.


Here is where it all comes to life.
With extensive experience creating content for multi-channel communications, we’ll produce all the content you’ll need: from digital communications to videos to print collateral, and everything in between.

We’ve worked with

MDT logo
Quantum Surgical
ZOLL Data Systems

We’d love to work with you. Let us show you more.

We’d be delighted to hear about your goals and create a customized capabilities presentation for you and your team.