Comfort is healing.

Capnography sampling lines designed for patient comfort.

Capnography provides an immediate and accurate picture of a patient’s respiratory status that can be crucial to avoiding respiratory compromise. However, the discomfort of the sampling line on a patient’s face can be an annoyance that interferes with patient compliance. This product launch campaign introduces the new Microstream™ Advance filter line, redesigned specifically for patient comfort. The campaign theme “Comfort is healing” places the sampling line within the larger context of a patient’s hospital experience and the comfort that all caregivers strive to provide patients. After developing a key messaging guide, we produced a full photo/video shoot (pre-pandemic) to provide the visuals for the website, interactive PDF, sell sheet, and digital advertisements.

Project: Product Launch Campaign
Roles: Creative Direction, Copywriting, Design, Development, Photoshoot Producing/Directing/Art Directing
Collaborators: Marya Read and Megan Kortum of People Productions
Photographer: Jon Rose of Jon Rose Photography
Videographer: Chris Chymiy of People Productions


This campaign is heavily reliant on photography that conveys full patient comfort. The sampling line’s attributes are complemented by the comfort of the room (bedding, lighting, ambiance) and comfort by loved ones (loving touches, embraces).  Photos and video clips were captured in each hospital area of care where capnography is used. This production was completed in two days at Avista Hospital in Louisville, Colorado.

Animated Digital Ads

These animated HTML5 banner advertisements softly highlight the messaging of the campaign.


This two-sided sell sheet is designed as a simple sales tool and leave-behind for customers.

Interactive PDF

This interactive PDF takes a deeper look at the advantages of the new sampling lines and Microstream™ technology. This is used both as an in-person sales conversation tool and an online customer resource.

iPDF Comfort is Healing


Originally designed to be a temporary campaign microsite hosted within Eloqua, this webpage is now the Microstream™ Advance filter line product page hosted within the website.

Comfort is Healing Webpage

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